Serving OEM Customers in North America

A Diverse Portfolio of Quality Precision Metal Product Solutions

The manufacturing landscape has changed dramatically since our start in 1975, and Sargent Metal has adapted at every turn to keep up with our customers’ needs. By continuously investing in our people, equipment, and technology, we’ve been able to add consistent value to our customers through every market shift.

Today, we embody a customer-first commitment that includes strong supply chain management and technical relationship capabilities. This success has allowed us to maintain a Fortune 50 OEM supply-chain pedigree and become seasoned in multi-industry best practices.

Markets Served Include:

Commercial Vehicle AdobeStock

Commercial Vehicle

Component parts and assemblies used in light vehicles, heavy truck, bus.

Constrcution AdobeStock


Component parts and assemblies used in loader, cranes, excavators, dozers, access.

Data Center AdobeStock

Data Center

Enclosures and components used in storage systems, servers, network infrastructure.

Energy AdobeStock

Energy Management

Enclosures and components used for heating, cooling, lighting, refrigeration, and controls.

Food Equipment AdobeStock

Food Equipment

Assemblies and components used in ovens, hoods, cabinets, dishwashing, and fryers.

HVAC AdobeStock


Assemblies used in commercial and residential mechanical systems, flood-vents.

Military AdobeStock


Components and assemblies used in ground support systems and missile containers.

People Mover AdobeStock

People Movers

Enclosures, assemblies, and component parts used in elevator and escalator systems.

Power Control AdobeStock

Power Control

Cabinets and enclosures used in switchgear, processing equipment, and facility infrastructure.

Safety AdobeStock


Assemblies used in EMS and fire vehicles, facilities infrastructure, and ballistic protection.

Transportation AdobeStock


Enclosures and components parts used in rail, OTR trailers, and specialty logistics equipment.

Vending AdobeStock


POU, POS cabinets, kiosks, and safes used in industrial/consumer vending and banking.

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