Advanced Metal Fabrication & Finishing Capabilities

Handling Every Step of Your Project Under One Roof

When Sargent Metal got its start in 1975, our founders relied on a sheer mechanical press, hand tools, limited welding equipment, and HVAC duct machines to support local textile mills with machinery guarding and HVAC ductwork. Over the years, our continued investment in new technologies has allowed us to expand our services, break into new markets, and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the industries we serve.

Today, we’re proud of our ability to handle every phase of our customers’ projects right here in our Anderson, SC headquarters. By overseeing each step, we’re able to guarantee high-quality control and top-notch service–which means more peace of mind for our customers.

Materials We Use

We can work with all types of materials, including both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Some of the most common metals we work with include:

Stainless Steel

State-of-the-art Equipment

Our dedication to providing our customers with the highest quality precision metal fabricated products drives our commitment to automation and advancing technologies.

We are consistently updating our equipment base and adding automation in all areas of production including lasers, punching machines, press brakes, robotic press brakes, MIG, TIG and spot welding, robotic welding, powder coating, and more.

Explore Our Capabilities

CNC Fiber Laser

Our Trumpf laser cutting equipment features industry-leading technology that allows for precision cutting to your exact specifications.

CNC Punching

Our Amada and Trumpf punching machines feature automated material loading and unloading to provide fast, efficient and cost-effective processing.

Deburring & Edge Rounding

Using LISSMAC automated technology, we can debur and edge round all cutting contours on both sides of sheet metal in just one work process.

CNC & Robotic Forming

We offer precision forming with Trumpf and Amada press brakes. Offline programming and hydraulic tool clamping mean faster set-ups and quicker cycles.

MIG, TIG, and Robotic Welding

We feature both MIG and TIG manual welding as well as robotic welding services for high-volume, repetitive welding projects.

Hardware Insertion

Our Haeger and Auto-Sert hardware insertion machines are able to automatically feed and insert tools and fasteners helping to increase production and efficiency.

Powder Coating

Our Nordson Colormax paint booth features a state-of-the-art pre-treatment system and allows for quick color changes without the risk of color contamination.

Value-Added Assembly

Our assembly services can help you reduce or eliminate internal labor or machine requirements for your products, often at a savings.