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Sargent Metal manufactures Smart Vent®, a Dual Function, Flood and Ventilation home foundation vent.

Sargent Metal manufactures Smart Vent®, an automatic home foundation flood vent. Sargent Metal controls the finished goods inventory owned by Smart Vent. Demands are received by Smart Vent, packaged by Sargent Metal employees and sent out the same day for delivery to the customer.

Utilizing the latest kanban manufacturing techniques, Sargent Metal offers Lean Assembly Manufacturing. The teaming of manufacturing and team-assembly services complements existing Sargent Metal workflows and ensures a seamless cost-effective process.

Directly behind the welding subassembly stations are the purchased parts required for the entire operation. These parts are set up on a kanban system. Each location is part-specific and quantity-specific and utilizes a simple visual replenishment system. At the end of the welding subassembly stations, all the fabricated in-house parts are in kanban carts.

The progressive assembly line is designed to work as a moving line for the simplest models. Also, we can install portable tables as static workstations while building the more difficult models. Supply bins at the assembly stations are fed from the kanban supermarket of purchased parts. Workstations are designed to fit the ergonomic needs of most employees.


Value Added Assembly

Sargent Metal has taken a unique approach with the services we offer. Not only do we provide all types of Precision Metal Fabrication Services, we also provide Value Added Assembly Services. From providing an assembly ready to ship directly to your customer, including all work instructions, hardware, and specialized packaging, to general wiring, decals, and plastics. We at Sargent Metal can provide all of your assembly requirements, reducing or eliminating your internal labor requirements for your products.

Our Services

Sargent Metal provides the highest quality service in the industry. We have the ability to meet all aspects of your project. Our featured services include: laser cutting, punching, bending, robotic bending, welding and automated storage & retrieval.

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News & Events

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    NEW Cidan Futura Plus

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  • 07.9.2014

    Sargent Metal Celebrates Safety Milestone

    Recently, Sargent Metal celebrated 500 days without a lost time accident. In celebration, we enjoyed a meal with all the...

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